My 1040 Project

13/09/2020 - Bike Purchase
Purchased this bike on 13/09/2020 on Ebay and collected shortly after from Anglesy, North Wales.
Paid £720 for the bike, I agreed with the seller that I would pay a deposit of £120 and bring cash for the remaining £600, unknown to me (until I logged into Paypal) I had £125 in my paypal account due to selling lots of small items and forgot to transfer the money into my bank account.
Because of this £125 that I didnt know about I decided to not include this in the purchase price so in my eyes I have paid £600 for the bike.

There is also the 1mm difference in the little end pin center from the top of the piston, as the Thunderace is 1mm more this would mean that the YZ250F piston would have maybe hit the valves as it would have been 1mm closer to them.